Saudi Arabia Dojo

Making open-source more accessible.
1. Explore Open Source Communities in Saudi Arabia
  1. Attend Open Source Conferences and Events in Saudi Arabia
  1. Check Out Open Source Programs and Initiatives in Saudi Arabia
  1. Learn from Notable Technologists from Saudi Arabia
  • Sami Shihab: Founder of Ibtikar Technologies
  • Turki Al-Faisal: Founder of the King Faisal Foundation
  • Hatim Al-Tai: Founder of the Saudi Electronic University
  • Fahd Al Rasheed: CEO of King Abdullah Economic City

Overall, the open source community in Saudi Arabia is growing and there are many resources available for individuals to learn and get involved. By attending events, exploring online resources, and learning from notable technologists, individuals can expand their knowledge of open source tech in Saudi Arabia.

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