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Making open-source more accessible.
Learning about open-source tech in Seychelles can be done through various resources online, including:
  1. The Seychelles Linux Users Group: A group of open-source enthusiasts who regularly meet and share knowledge about Linux and other open-source technologies. They can be found on Facebook here:

  2. The Seychelles Open Data Portal: A government-run website that provides access to various open datasets. This portal can be accessed here:

  3. The Seychelles National ICT Strategy: A document that outlines the country’s plans for its ICT sector, including open-source technologies. This document can be accessed here:

  4. The Seychelles Computer Society: An organization that promotes the use of computers and related technologies in Seychelles. They can be found on Facebook here:

Notable technologists from Seychelles throughout history include:

  1. Phillippe Boullé: A former Minister of Information, Communication and Technology who was instrumental in developing the country’s ICT sector.

  2. Jean-Paul Adam: A former Minister of Foreign Affairs who also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Investment Board. He has been a strong advocate for the use of technology in Seychelles' development.

  3. Jude Fred: A software developer who has worked on various projects, including a mobile app for Seychelles' Ministry of Health.

  4. Francis Lebon: A software developer who has worked on various open-source projects, including the popular content management system Drupal.

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