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Making open-source more accessible.
To learn more about open-source technology in Switzerland, here are some resources and notable technologists:
  1. Open Source Community Switzerland: This community brings together professionals and enthusiasts to discuss and collaborate on open-source projects. They have a website, a Slack channel, and regular events.

  2. CH Open: This is a non-profit organization that promotes open standards and open-source software in Switzerland. They organize events and offer training and consulting services.

  3. Open Data Switzerland: This organization promotes the use of open data and provides a platform for sharing data sets.

  4. Open Energy Data: This is a project that aims to make energy data in Switzerland more accessible and transparent.

  5. Notable Technologists from Switzerland:

  • Tim Berners-Lee: He is the inventor of the World Wide Web and was born in London but grew up in Switzerland.

  • Urs Hölzle: He is one of the first employees of Google and is currently a senior vice president at the company.

  • Claude Shannon: He was a mathematician and electrical engineer who is considered the father of information theory.

  • Ada Lovelace: She was a mathematician and writer who is credited with writing the first computer program in the 19th century.

  • Niklaus Wirth: He is a computer scientist who is known for developing programming languages such as Pascal and Modula.

Overall, Switzerland has a strong open-source community and has produced many notable technologists throughout history. There are many resources available to learn more about this community and the technology it produces.

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