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Unfortunately, due to the ongoing conflict in Syria, it can be difficult to find resources specifically focused on open-source technology in Syria. However, there are some general resources and notable technologists from Syria that can be helpful in understanding the country's tech scene.


  1. The Syrian Virtual University - This is an online learning platform that offers courses in various fields, including computer science and technology.

  2. The Syrian Open Source Society - This is a community of developers and tech enthusiasts in Syria who promote open-source technology and software.

  3. GitHub - While not specific to Syria, this platform is an excellent resource for finding open-source projects and contributing to them.

Notable technologists from Syria:

  1. Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi - Known as the father of algebra, al-Khwarizmi was a prominent mathematician and astronomer from Syria in the 9th century.

  2. Ali al-Qushji - This 15th-century astronomer and mathematician made significant contributions to the field of trigonometry.

  3. Salim al-Hassani - Born in Syria in 1949, al-Hassani is a mechanical engineer and historian of Islamic science and technology.

  4. Bassel Khartabil - A Syrian open-source software developer and internet freedom activist, Khartabil was a prominent figure in the Syrian tech scene before he was imprisoned in 2012 and later executed by the Syrian government in 2015.

  5. Anas Qtiesh - A Syrian journalist and technology entrepreneur, Qtiesh is the founder of the Syrian coders network, which aims to promote coding education and skills development in Syria.

Overall, while it may be challenging to find specific resources on open-source technology in Syria, it is clear that the country has a long and rich history of technological innovation and intellectual contributions. By studying notable technologists from the past and present, we can gain a better understanding of Syria’s potential for growth and innovation in the future.

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