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Making open-source more accessible.
Learning more about open-source tech in Togo can be done through the following resources:
  1. Togo Open Source: This is a community that promotes and supports the use of open-source software in Togo. They provide information on open-source technologies, events, and training opportunities. Website:

  2. Linux Togo: This is a Linux User Group in Togo that promotes the use of Linux and other open-source software. They hold regular meetups and workshops to share knowledge and experience. Website:

  3. OpenStreetMap Togo: This is a project that aims to create a free, open-source map of Togo. The project is community-driven, and anyone can contribute to it. Website:

  4. TogoHack: This is an annual hackathon that brings together developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions to local problems using open-source technologies. Website:

Some notable technologists from Togo throughout history include:

  1. Kossi Edoh: He is a software developer and entrepreneur who has founded several startups, including KosiCloud and KosiBrew. He is also a co-founder of Togo Open Source.

  2. Mawuli Adzoe: He is a software developer and the founder of AdzoeTech, a technology company that provides software solutions to businesses in Togo.

  3. Kodjo Afate Gnikou: He is a 3D printing enthusiast and the inventor of W.AFATE, the first 3D printer made entirely from e-waste. He is also the founder of the WoeLab, a makerspace in Lomé, Togo.

  4. Têko-Agbo Aklile: He is a software developer and the founder of Akendewa, a technology company that creates solutions for mobile devices. He is also the co-founder of the Togo Tech Community.

Overall, Togo has a growing community of open-source technologists who are working to promote and advance the use of open-source technologies in the country.

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