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Learning about open-source tech in Tonga can be an exciting journey. Here are some resources with links that can help you gain more knowledge about open-source tech in Tonga:
  1. The Tonga Open Source Society: This organization was founded to promote and advocate for open-source technologies in Tonga. They regularly organize events, workshops, and training sessions to educate the public on the benefits of open-source technologies. You can visit their website to learn more about their mission and upcoming events.

  2. Tonga CERT: This is the Computer Emergency Response Team for Tonga, and they are responsible for providing cybersecurity advice and support to individuals and organizations in Tonga. They have a blog that covers a variety of topics related to cybersecurity, including open-source technologies.

  3. Tonga Digital Transformation Project: This is a government-led initiative aimed at modernizing Tonga’s public services and infrastructure through the use of technology. The project has a strong focus on open-source technologies and has implemented several open-source solutions to achieve its objectives. You can learn more about the project on their website.

Notable technologists from Tonga throughout history:

  1. Simione Likiliki: He is the founder and CEO of NEMANI, a tech company based in Tonga. NEMANI provides IT solutions and support to businesses and organizations in Tonga and the Pacific region.

  2. ‘Akanete Lauti: She is a computer science lecturer at the University of the South Pacific Tonga Campus. She is also a member of the Tonga Open Source Society and has been involved in several open-source initiatives in Tonga.

  3. ‘Opeti Taliai: He is the founder of Taliai Systems, a software development company based in Tonga. He has been involved in several open-source projects, including the development of the Tonga Online Tax System.

In conclusion, learning about open-source tech in Tonga can be an exciting journey. By leveraging the resources provided above and exploring the works of notable technologists from Tonga throughout history, you can deepen your knowledge of open-source tech in Tonga.

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