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To learn more about open-source technology in Turkmenistan, one can explore the following resources:
  1. Turkmenistan Open Data Portal: The portal offers access to data sets on various topics, including economics, social development, and demographics. The platform can help developers, analysts, and other interested parties in creating open-source applications and tools.

  2. Turkmenistan Open Source Society: The society aims to promote the use of open-source software in Turkmenistan by organizing events, workshops, and training sessions. The website offers resources, news, and updates on open-source technologies.

  3. Turkmenistan Open Access Repository: The repository offers free access to research publications, including journal articles, theses, and dissertations. The platform can help researchers and academics to share their work openly and collaborate with peers.

Some notable technologists from Turkmenistan throughout history include:

  1. Batyr Berdyev: He is a computer scientist who specializes in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He has made significant contributions to the field of natural language processing and has authored numerous research papers.

  2. Myrat Owezov: He is a mathematician who has made significant contributions to the field of algebraic geometry. He has authored several research papers and has served as a professor at the Turkmen State University.

  3. Aydogdy Kurbanov: He is a software engineer who has developed several open-source projects, including the Turkmenistan Open Data Portal. He has also served as a consultant for various international organizations, including the World Bank.

Overall, there is a growing interest in open-source technologies in Turkmenistan, and the resources and notable technologists mentioned above can serve as a starting point for further exploration.

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