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To learn more about open-source tech in Uganda, you can start with the following resources:
  1. Open Source Uganda: This is a community of open source enthusiasts in Uganda. They organize events, workshops and offer mentorship to anyone interested in open source technology. Visit their website at

  2. Linux User Group Uganda: This is a group of Linux users in Uganda. They hold regular meetings to discuss Linux-related topics and share knowledge. You can learn more about them at

  3. The ICT Association of Uganda: This is a professional organization for ICT practitioners in Uganda. They promote the use of open-source technology and provide resources and training to their members. Visit their website at

Some notable technologists from Uganda throughout history include:

  1. Winnie Byanyima: She is a Ugandan aeronautical engineer, politician, and activist. She is the Executive Director of UNAIDS and was the first woman to serve as Director of Gender and Development at the United Nations Development Programme.

  2. Dr. Engineer Dorothy Okello: She is a Ugandan computer scientist, academician and researcher. She is a founding member of Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET), a non-governmental organization that promotes the use of ICTs among women in Uganda.

  3. Prof. Venansius Baryamureeba: He is a Ugandan computer scientist and academician. He is the founder of the Uganda Technology and Management University and has contributed to the development of e-government systems in Uganda.

  4. Aaron Tushabe: He is a Ugandan computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of the mobile application development company, Tugende, which provides lease-to-own financing for motorcycle taxi drivers in Uganda.

  5. Brian Gitta: He is a Ugandan computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Matibabu, a non-invasive malaria diagnostic device that won the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation in 2018.

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