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To learn more about open-source tech in Uruguay, here are some resources and links:
  1. The Open Data Portal of Uruguay - This portal provides access to various datasets collected and managed by the government of Uruguay. It also provides a platform for citizens to develop their applications using open-source tools.

  2. Open Source Uruguay - This is a community-driven platform that aims to promote and support open-source initiatives in Uruguay. It organizes events and provides a space for developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts to connect and collaborate.

  3. Linux User Group of Uruguay - This is a community of Linux users in Uruguay that promotes the use of free and open-source software. They organize events, workshops, and talks about Linux and related technologies.

  4. TEDxMontevideo - TEDxMontevideo is a platform that brings together innovators, thinkers, and technologists from Uruguay and around the world to share their ideas and experiences. It’s a great place to learn about the latest trends in open-source tech.

Some notable technologists from Uruguay throughout history include:

  1. Guillermo Storni - Storni is considered the father of computer science in Uruguay. He founded the first computer science department at the University of the Republic in 1969 and was instrumental in the development of the country’s first computer.

  2. Laura M. Fernandez - Fernandez is a software engineer and one of the co-founders of the Open Data Portal of Uruguay. She is an advocate for open data and open-source software and has been involved in several initiatives to promote these technologies in Uruguay.

  3. Martin Varsavsky - Varsavsky is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several successful tech startups, including Jazztel, Fon, and Prelude Fertility. He is also a strong supporter of open-source software and has been involved in several initiatives to promote its adoption in Uruguay and around the world.

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